Gobi — your partner for advanced cold chain solutions

At Gobi we rethink cold energy – how it is produced, stored, and best utilized to enable temperature-controlled delivery of life-enhancing products worldwide.

Our innovation prowess and creativity are actively shaping the future of the cold chain globally. Gobi solutions are different – not just insulation and phase change material (PCM). Gobi solutions are at the intersection of unmet customer need and cutting-edge innovation expertly engineered with the most advanced thermal technology in the world, developed by leading scientists and protected by a strong patent portfolio.

Gobi’s Altai is the world’s first actively self-cooling parcel shipper for the biopharma industry. Gone is the need for dedicated cold chain infrastructure. No freezers or cold rooms, no electricity, no team to manage PCM conditioning, no searching for pre-conditioned PCM. The Altai independently provides cold space on demand anytime, anywhere. And Altai provides a lower carbon footprint. 

Gobi’s Eclipse brings advanced thermal technology to the Global Health marketplace. Eclipse sets new standards for freeze-free vaccine carriers. Lightest weight, longest cold life, largest payload, smallest footprint, fewest icepacks, strictest control, and the most refined ergonomics, all with a smaller carbon footprint.

And we are just getting started. Based in the USA and Germany, Gobi is an expanding business setting new standards in thermal performance, design and carbon efficiency.

But it’s not just about our technical innovation. Through fierce dedication and collaboration with our partners, our products have enabled the successful distribution of over 2 billion doses of ultra-low-temperature Covid vaccines worldwide.

Gobi partners benefit from a simplified and versatile cold chain experience that cannot be found anywhere else.  

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