Self Cooling Parcel Shipper

Powerful and controlled cooling ready for use anytime, anywhere.


Our products have enabled the successful distribution of over 2 billion doses of ultra-low-temperature Covid vaccines.


Designed determinedly to make your life easier

  • True self-cooling. No phase change material or ice freezing or conditioning. No cold rooms. No electricity. No lithium batteries. No recharging stations. Slide the switch on and cooling begins immediately.
  • Simple and versatile. Store at room temperature with no loss of cold life. Start and stop cooling by sliding a switch.
  • Reusable cold shipper. Simply swap the ZeoFlex™ Cooling Unit for the next use.

Engineered expertly to keep your products safe

  • Precise temperature control. Powerful cooling controlled precisely to 2 – 8 °C in response to real-time conditions.
  • Validated thermal performance. Validated against ISTA 7D summer and winter thermal profiles for 96+ hours.
  • Lightweight yet robust. Up to 40% lighter than conventional phase change material shippers. Validated against ISTA 3A distribution testing.

Globally green

  • Keep your cool. Only use cooling energy when you need it instead of running cold rooms or charging stations all the time.
  • Energy efficient cooling. Altai cooling is 10 times more efficient than phase change material. Altai insulation is 8 times more effective than Styrofoam.
  • Reduce waste. Register for the Altai re-use program to reduce waste by 95%.

Download Altai spec sheet

View specifications for the Altai Self Cooling Parcel Shipper



Payload Temperature
Ambient Temperature
Payload Volume
Payload Size
Cold Life
External Dimensions
+2 °C to +8 °C
-10 °C to +43 °C
12 L
216 x 241 x 231 mm
96 hours at ISTA 7D Summer & Winter
9 kg
430 x 305 x 350 mm
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