Vacuum Insulation Panels

The power of vacuum harnessed to insulate your products


Our products have enabled the successful distribution of over 2 billion doses of ultra-low-temperature Covid vaccines.

Summit Vacuum Insulation Panels

What are VIPs?

VIPs are a highly effective thermal insulation solution — 7 times more effective than standard foam insulation.

VIPs effectively minimize heat transfer via conduction, convection, and radiation by wrapping a nanoscale material in an evacuated multilayer barrier film pouch.

Summit Vacuum Insulation Panels

What are VIPs used for?

  • Vaccine cold chain
  • Building insulation
  • Temperature controlled logistics
  • Electronics insulation
  • Food preservation and transportation
  • Home appliances
Summit Vacuum Insulation Panels

Why Summit® VIPs?

  • Reduces Energy: Reduce energy consumption by up to 85% as compared with standard foam insulation.
  • Saves Space: One inch of Summit VIP replaces seven inches of standard foam insulation.
  • Reusable: Panels have an estimated useful lifetime of years to decades, depending on application.
  • Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 85% as compared with standard foam insulation.
  • Recyclable: Panels are recyclable when using appropriate protocols.

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Why Summit Thermal?

We design and manufacture vacuum insulation panels to the most exacting standards.   ‍‍

  • High Performing - We use the highest grade fumed silica core materials and multilayer barrier films to create industry-best VIPs
  • High Quality - Our VIPs are quality-controlled with thermal conductivity, internal pressure, and dimensional measurements
  • Customizable - We can customize core and film choices however you like  
  • Diversified Supply Chain - We maintain multiple independent, dedicated and geographically separated manufacturing centers

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