Gobi Technology Platforms

Zeo® Self Cooling Technology
  • Cooling anytime, anywhere
  • No onsite infrastructure needed
Zeo Self Cooling Technology
Super Insulation
  • Multiwall vacuum insulation
  • Vacuum insulation panels
Summiit Super Insulation
Gobi Solutions
  • Simple to use
  • Shelf stable and ready for use anytime, anywhere
  • Do not require any constant energy use either before or during shipment
  • Do not need any onsite conditioning
  • Use less energy overall
  • Use more sustainable and recyclable components within the supply chain

Gobi Solutions Are

Designed with you in mind

To make your life easier.

Engineered with powerful and proprietary technology

Harnessed so you can sleep well knowing your products are safe.

Globally green

Keep your cool using a lot less energy.

Zeo Technology

What is Zeolite?

Zeolites are materials that can selectively adsorb vapors and gases. When zeolites adsorb a vapor or gas, they release energy in the form of heat. When zeolites are heated, the vapor or gas is released. This makes zeolites ideal for storing thermal energy.

What is Zeo Technology?

Gobi’s Zeo technology produces and stores heat and cold at the same time, with no electricity, batteries, ice, or phase change materials. This enables environmentally friendly thermal energy storage and transportation.

How Does It Work?

When zeolite adsorbs water vapor in an enclosed space, the water vapor pressure is reduced which allows more water to evaporate. The evaporation of water creates a cooling effect seven times more powerful than melting ice. Water can be turned to ice in just a few seconds using Zeo technology. The zeolite heats up as it adsorbs the water vapor, thereby the process creates both cooling and heating at the same time. The zeolite can be recharged simply with additional heat.

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